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  • Navicoder Lite IDE for Java (Java editor for windows) 2.0

    Java IDE NaviCoder that runs on Windows enables programmers to create, navigate, modify, and debug code quickly and accurately. You can use it in
  • Navicoder IDE for Java (Java IDE editor for Windows) Freeware also available 2.2.0

    NaviCoder is a Java IDE that runs on Windows which enables programmers to create, navigate, modify, and debug code faster and more accurately.
  • My PC Reference 1.0

    Displays basic and advanced details for the beginning PC user. Displays basic and advanced details for the beginning PC user. Designed for hardware
  • AW First Aid Reference for PPC 1.0

    First Aid Reference.Contains detailed descriptions of first-aid actions in case of emergency (injuries, burns, cuts, animal bites etc.). 29
  • iSysVal Reference 1.2

    SysVal Reference is a Windows application running as an eBook. It contains complete information about IBM iSeries ( AS/400 ) System Values. All the
  • J&L Genealogy Reference 1.3

    The J&L Genealogy Reference is an easy to use tool to save and organize your genealogy research data. Store all the important data in one place. You
  • VB.NET Quick Reference 1.0

    Free VB.NET Quick Reference Sheet that explains the common syntax of VB.NET. This sheet includes variable declaration, looping, branching,
  • C# Quick Reference 1.0

    Free C# Quick Reference Sheet that explains the common syntax of C#. This sheet includes variable declaration, looping, branching, operators and
  • Inflight Reference TE 1.00.4

    Inflight Reference TE 1.00.4 is actually beneficial to design APA, Harvard, Author-Date and custom style reference lists and bibliographies and add
  • MainConcept Reference 1.6.1

    MainConcept Reference is software for Windows, and provides the users a smooth workflow using a powerful transcending in almost all professional and
  • PNG reference library 1.5.11

    Portable Network Graphics library. Portable Network Graphics library. Reference library for supporting the Portable Network Graphics (PNG) format.
  • Reference Manager

    Reference Manager 12.0 is a unique application that is intended for reference collection from distant databases and then categorizes your own
  • Reloaders Reference 9.3

    The goal was to produce a single reference that contains all the publicly available data for metallic cartridge reloading from documented sources.
  • PCIC Reference 0.2.2008

    The PCIC Reference App is essentially an Apple Help Book file with a small cocoa application wrapper. Some wonder why I took this project on. The
  • Reference Maker 1.0.2

    This addon output reference file of title and url, date in Website. You can storing interesting links to SideBar, and saving these links to file of
  • Warcraft Reference 1.4

    Warcraft Reference provides Realm Status for any U.S. World of Warcraft realm and a search bar for finding popular World of Warcraft reference sites.
  • HTML 4.0 Reference 1.01

    This archive containes a windows help file with the complete HTML 4.0 reference as published by WDG, the Web
  • Reference Libraian 1.0.0

    Reference Libraian is a VB6 add-in for viewing and searching type Library and reference information for project references and other type lib files.
  • ASL Illustrated Reference 1.0

    ASL (American Sign Language) Illustrated Reference. illustrated entries covering most common words. Perfect tool for novices and experts alike to
  • AW First Aid Reference for Palm OS 1.0

    First Aid Reference.Contains detailed descriptions of first-aid actions in case of emergency (injuries, burns, cuts, animal bites etc.). 29
  • US Town By ZIP reference 6.0

    In USA, one may often have problems telling the postal code of his own Town. Anyone using regular Snail Mail surely already knows the pain of
  • My Reference Book 2.1.0

    The program will enable to use the text records sorted hierarchically. It can be rather convenient as a telephone directory, a reference book, guide
  • Reference for Teachers 6.0

    About fifteen years ago I was Deputy Principal of a Senior Secondary School which had about 240 final year students each year. These students were in
  • Reference Keeper 2.11

    RefKeep is a software targetted at teachers, students and researchers - people who read and manage a large number of books, journals, magazines and
  • Rapid Reference Creator 2005

    Create your personal and/or business refer information including contacts, reminders, appointments ...even recipes and golf scores. In fact anything
  • ASCII Reference Chart 5.0

    This reference chart includes hexidecimal, decimal and keystroke equivalents for ASCII characters. It also includes common HTML codes.
  • Javascript Quick Reference 1.0

    Free Javascript Quick Reference Sheet that explains the common syntax of Javascript. This sheet includes variable declaration, looping, branching,
  • XHTML Quick Reference 1.0

    Free XHTML Reference with example XHTML document and self validation code. Single page to easily hang on your cube wall.
  • Site605 Reference Viewer 1.0

    Like to keep up on the latest trends, news, and information? The Site605 app will keep you in the loop on the people, companies, and trends that
  • Desktop Drug Reference 2.6

    Desktop Drug Reference is a largest desktop drug reference index offering detailed and current pharmaceutical information on most popular brand and
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  • OOJNI Add-in 3.00.00

    Object Oriented java Native Interface (OOJNI) Add-In is designed for generating and developing JNI code in C++ with Microsoft Visual Studio 7.1. With OOJNI Add-In C++ Programmer can select java classes in byte code and
  • JavaHelp System 2.0

    javaHelp System 2.0 is a useful online help system that provides developers and authors with a standard, fully featured, easy to use system for presenting online information to java application users. The javaHelp system
  • SDK 3.3.0 RC 10

    With the help of SDK provided tools and documentation, you can easily program the apis of as well as you can use it for the creation of extensions. You can get the detailed
  • Java Help System 2.0.05

    The javaHelp system provides developers and authors with a standard, fully featured, easy to use system for presenting online information to java application users. The javaHelp system is a java Platform, Standard
  • Java 2 Development Kit 1.3.0

    The java 2 Development Kit lets you write java applets that conform to the latest applet api for java. Previous versions added new functionality to java, including accessibility, drag and drop, application services, a
  • JProfiler for Liunx 6.0.2

    JProfiler is an award-winning all-in-one java profiler. JProfiler's intuitive GUI helps you find performance bottlenecks, pin down memory leaks and resolve threading issues. features: Tree views of incoming and
  • JAMA 1.0.2

    Linear algebra package that you can use. Linear algebra package that you can use. JAMA was developed as a handy and basic linear algebra package for java. It provides user-level classes for constructing and
  • Free JavaScript Editor 4.2 4.2

    Free javaScript Editor, as its name shows is a javaScript editor, debugger or Validator that can be useful for both novice and experts. They can use javaScript, CSS and DHTML to modify code of javaScript, create
  • 330 Java Tips 1.33

    330 java Tips 1.33 is a wonderful java tool which lets you learn from others' daily java experiences. This e-book of java tips was collected from real daily java experience. This book covers most areas of java
  • JadRetro 1.6

    JadRetro is a command-line utility that could help You to successfully decompile java classes created by the modern java compilers (of java 1.4, java 1.5 or later). JadRetro operates by transforming the specified java
  • Balloons and Static Electricity

    Balloons and Static Electricity is a physics simulation and reference tool. It allows you to graphically observe the effects of static electricity Balloons and Static Electricity is based on java. It can be run from the
  • EasyEclipse Expert Java 1.3.1

    Now you can develop java code with Eclipse easily by using handy and inclusive expert edition of EasyEclipse. Its major features are it supports Core components with a JDK and java JDK for Windows; you can run the java
  • Simultaneous Events Program -

    Simultaneous Events Program is a handy, small, java based application specially designed to help you analyze the effect of relative motion on the relative ordering of events in special relativity. In the Default
  • dftbound 1.1.1

    Subtract the reference region time-activity curve (TAC) from those regional PET TACs that are not identified as reference regions. Negative TAC values are preserved. reference region TAC is excluded from the output file
  • Free Java 1.01_T2006.08.0

    Free java is an easy to use, java based Common Lisp. The compiler of this tool can produce JVM byte code, tapping into the 'write once, run everywhere' philosophy of java. Free java is a text editor written in java
  • JCavaj Java Decompiler 1.00

    The handy JCavaj java Decompiler is used for reconstructing the original source code from a compiled binary CLASS file. This java-based java Decompiler can also be used for decompiling java applets as well as jar and Zip
  • DevGuru XHTML Quick Reference 1.0

    DevGuru XHTML Quick reference 1.0 is a powerful program that makes it quick and easy to get reference on XHTML tags, events, and attributes. The DevGuru XHTML Quick reference Guide is a 175-page PDF reference source that
  • Sun Java JRE 6

    The java(TM) 2 Runtime Environment is intended for software developers and vendors to redistribute with their applications.The java 2 Runtime Environment contains the java virtual machine, runtime class libraries, and
  • jPortable (formerly Java Portable) 7 Update 5

    Get your java to go. Get your java to go. java Portable allows you to easily install the java runtime engine to your device. With java on your portable device, portable apps which utilize the
  • JRView 1.0

    JRView is a small and easy-to-use utility that displays to you the list of all java Runtime Environments and java Development Kits installed on your system, and allows you to run a java application (.class or .jar file)
  • Java Virtual Machine Specifications 2.0

    java Virtual Machine Specifications was written as a full document which helps the developing of the java virtual machine. It is essential for compiler writers who wish to target the java virtual machine and for
  • Java Runtime Environment 64bit 6.27

    java Runtime Environment (JRE) (64-Bit) provides the libraries, the java Virtual Machine, and other components to run applets and applications written in the java programming language. In addition, two key deployment
  • Cavaj Java Decompiler 1.11

    Cavaj java Decompiler is a graphical freeware utility that reconstructs java source code from CLASS files. You can decompile java applets, jar and zip files producing accurate java source code. Browse the reconstructed
  • Electronic Notes 2.0

    This program is offered without guarantee or warranty, either expressed or implied. It is up to you to determine if this program is suitable for your purposes. While the author may provide updates, improvements, or
  • Java-XML Binder 1.0.0

    java-XML Binder (JXB) is a lightweight and easy to use java-to-XML and XML-to-java Mapping Tool. Mapping Rules should be configured through java Annotations, you do not need any configuration files. JXB supports Objects
  • Velocity for Linux 1.6.2

    Velocity is a java-based Template engine. It permits anyone to use a simple yet powerful template language to reference objects defined in java code. When Velocity is used for web development, Web designers can work
  • ComfyJ for Windows (32/64-bit) Ind. 2.8

    ComfyJ is a COM-to-java-to-COM bridge ComfyJ is a bi-directional java-to-COM bridge. With ComfyJ, you can use ActiveX/COM/OLE/OCX objects right from your java application and implement java objects as COM objects,
  • SciPlore MindMapping Beta 15 B 342

    Are you using mind mapping tools such as MindManager, FreeMind or XMind? And reference management tools such as JabRef, Endnote, or Zotero? And do you sometimes even create bookmark in PDFs? Then you should have a look
  • CompDoctor 3.3

    CompDoctor is a reference tool that helps you fix bugs without having to take your PC out for repair or having to pay for someone to come in your home and do it for you. Browse through symptoms and cures, or search by
  • JCoord 1.0

    Easily convert between latitude/longitude, Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) and Ordnance Survey (OSGB) references with java using the Jcoord package. The Jcoord script also contains a method to allow the calculation